Our Values

Successful leasing projects don’t just ‘come together’. Behind every assignment, big or small, our team is constantly working to give you that extra market knowledge, those interesting sites, and access to our network to make it happen.

We may be a small team, but we think ‘big’ for our clients. We closely monitor international and national trends in retail leasing and, through our many years in the business, understand what it takes to make a retail precinct work.

And while we encourage innovative concepts in hospitality and retail, we are unwavering in our impartial advice. Quite simply, the success of your business is more important to us than signing a lease. We celebrate repeat business and take a long term view on building relationships.

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Our Story

It was 2004. Match had been a great idea for several months… a boutique retail leasing agency unfettered by the constraints of large corporate style business. It would have a nimble, knowledgeable team that really understood the challenges facing landlords and tenants. It would focus on quality.

But transforming the idea to reality? Well, that took grit, determination and a lot of coffee-fuelled nights for our directors, Aubrey Cheng, Georgie Clatworthy and Mike Hammer. Their hard work reaped rewards – literally! Within three years match was recognised as one of New Zealand’s fastest growing businesses, earning a Deloitte Fast 50 award.

And we haven’t stopped there. Match has gone on to establish itself as New Zealand’s independent leader in retail leasing. If you’re looking for a new location for your business, seeking a new tenant with a fresh approach or initiating a new project then we’d love to meet you.

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