28 Jul Retail Conference 2015

New Zealand Council of Shopping Centres

Retail Conference 2015

Match has sponsored the NCSC Retail Conference for approximately seven years. We can’t wait to attend this week’s event; the speakers are definitely some of the best we’ve ever had. We’ve summarised each presentation and speaker below; look out for us at our match table.

Match Pick

Francis Loughran, Managing Director of Future Food, will discuss design and development.  Future Food is a market leading consultancy firm specialising in creating sustainable food and beverage solutions. His talk will address food precinct innovations and give an overview of strategic planning and operational solutions in the food and beverage industry.

Match Director, Mike Hammer, lured Francis to New Zealand to speak at this year’s conference. “What is most exciting is how Francis draws down on global examples to illustrate what is trending and what might become part of the Australasian food scene.  Francis is always energised, engaging and provides fantastic inspiration.”


Terry Cornelius is President of Retail NZ, New Zealand’s leading Retail Association. Terry, who has previously worked in finance and management roles in advertising/retail, will discuss trading in 2015. He will delve into the retail successes and challenges that property owners and occupiers are facing, and what opportunities they will have in the near future.



Nat Cheshire of Cheshire Architects will speak about reshaping the city. Nat is renown in Auckland for his work on some of our premier hospitality and retail precincts.  Cheshire Architects, which Nat runs with his father Pip Cheshire, are exceptionally sought after. His talk will cover the role of retail in New Zealand, and no doubt his talk will involve some incredible imagery.


The Trusts manages over 40 businesses in west Auckland, and at the heart of this is its CEO Simon Wickham. Simon will talk about the liquor industry and the future of liquor licensing. He will also talk through The Trust’s recent retail case study.


Justin Kean, Director of Research and Consultancy at JLL, will discuss projected population growth and enlargement of the retail sector.  Justin runs JLL’s national research program and will be sure to deliver interesting strategy and statistics around CBD retail.


Hamish Mitchell is the General Manager of Customer Value at Loyalty NZ. His talk is titled The Faithful Future and he will delve into the world of loyalty programmes and reward trends/initiatives. Loyalty NZ was launched in 1996 and is New Zealand’s expert on customer loyalty. They specialise in the “clever use of big data to help Kiwi businesses know more about what their customers want from them, and how they can best deliver it”.  Most notably, the company owns and operates Fly Buys.



Is it best to be big or little in today’s changeable retail landscape? Greg Davis will address the nature and size of shopping precincts and what is driving bid box retail. Greg is Director of Taktics4, a consultancy dedicated to the analysis of consumer and commercial markets.  He has almost 30 years’ experience analysing consumer and commercial markets.  

Johnathan Elms is an Associate Professor at Massey Business School. He leads Massey University’s Bachelor of Retail and Business Management; education will be an underlying theme in his presentation.  He will discuss how changes in the retail industry are affecting student direction.